Dating service for professinals

Please do fill in the ‘Tell A Friend’ section on the left hand side so that more Educated Muslims AND Muslim Business owners can become registered on Executive Muslim insh Allah.When you join Executive Muslim Marriage, please take time to complete your profile.Parental/Family involvement is incredibly important for the Marriage proposal to progress and we strongly encourage this.Marriage is not just a connection between husband and wife, it is a connection made between 2 families in which both families must respect each other at all times. • EMM is an online Muslim matrimonial service catering specifically for Educated Muslims and Muslim Business Entrepreneurs.If you are a professional in your field and are looking for someone of similar calibre to yourself, whether that be degree educated, professionally educated, successful business owner or any other discipline then EMM is the place for you.If I can be of any assistance to you , please do not hesitate to contact me. Many people confronting mental illness for the first time fall back on (often quite inaccurate) preconceptions about what mental illness is, what sort of treatment is available, and who does the treating.

Executive Muslim caters specifically for Educated Muslims seeking Educated Muslim Partners.

My advice to you is to simply be honest in what you are looking for and give precise detailed information.

Further, on the Education Section, please do fill this in more depth, so that others can understand your job function and professional expertise.

Aslamu Alaikum Praise Be to Allah swt, the Master of the Universe, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious & the most Forgiving.

We testify Allah swt is One, He is Independent and that the Prophet Muhammad SAWS PBUH is the Final Messenger of Allah swt.

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