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He is just annoying and I wanted to see if it was some kind of phishing scam or if other people had complained about the same thing from this number.

Someone named "Stella" called (I have no caller ID) and left a message on my answering machine to call this number regarding an invoice for Neopost- I have called Neopost and they said there are no invoices with the number she referenced on our account- I called the number , and got a recording saying that this call was being answered by a VIA IP Office- Joann Albrecht (Sp) was not available- I am inclined to believe that this call is a SCAM trying to get payment information This is one of the many numbers used by a business collection service called Mc Carthy, Burgess & Wolff- From their website, "Our job is "the close"-having you get paid- We do this by finding the customer's "hot button," the factor that motivates them to do what they demonstrated they don't want to do-pay the debt-"Caller calls from West Lake Financial looking for a palisasiha brogan or laquinton night informed them times this is my cell number they are calling and they have the wrong number they then started restricting the number when i started rejecting the call Hi am Josh, i will like to know if you still have for sale your GOOGLE NEXUS GB UNLOCKED - (Chicago, IL) [Me]: Hi, I do- Okay am willing to offer you for the phone but it including the total shipping and handling over to my cousin as an Xmas Gift, so do you have a paypal account so i can quickly sent you payment at once?

This number appears and tells you to call them to resolve your issue, I don't know if ithe a valid #ITS A SCAM Do not give your information to them this number actually belongs to a company and they said they have recieved thousands of calls today- This number is being hacked through The police are on it They have called every number on my family plan so obviouslt they hacked Sprint or something These scammers are calling 7 times in the last 30 minutes; have filed report on Do Not When you answer, they use your phone number to call the next innocent victim DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL; block the number if you have options via your phone service provider.

They have used my number to make other fraudulent calls. he should put other numbers on here- he gets calls from stupid people all the time there numbers should be here from unknown callers not his- what the hell is this site?

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Resnick Energy is here for you We are an experienced and knowledgeable oil company in Liberty NY, employing fully-trained drivers in all the safety measures and precautions required to provide a safe and reliable service- We have been providing high-quality oil every day since - We pride ourselves on being a LOCAL company that is able to offer: hours, days a week service Same day or next day service Top quality heating oil Fully licensed and insured staff LOWEST PRICE FOR OIL, GUARANTEED If you are looking for a qualified oil company, that you can trust to provide you with excellent quality and affordable prices, contact us at your convenience- In the highly unlikely event that you find lower home heating oil prices in Liberty NY, Resnick Energy will beat any competition and offer you the most appropriate price for the highest possible quality- -Hour SERVICE | Same-day or Next-day Delivery Service | Budget Plans Available | HEAP Accepted | Citizens Energy SERVING: SULLIVAN COUNTY, EASTERN ULSTER COUNTY, and NORTHERN ORANGE COUNTY- SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS Heating Oil Supplier, Oil Supplier, Heating Oil Company, Fuel Oil, Heating Oil, Heating Oil Contractor; Fuel Oil Contractor; Fuel Oil Company; Fuel Oil Supplier; Heating Oil Supply resnickenergynycompany-comgot a call on my cell phone which is restricted and number never given out- I called back and it said that I had given that number at a show and I was entitled to a saver card, or hit to be on their do not call list- A FRAUDULENT SCAM in my opinion THE CALL CAME UP SAYING PRIVATE CALLER-THE MAN HAD A FOREIGN ACCENT THAT SOUNDED LIKE PAKISTAN OR INDIA-HE CALLED SAYING THAT I OWED A LARGE SUM OF MONEY- HE SAID THAT THEY WERE WITH DEBT SERVICES CORP- I ASKED HIM "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU" HE REPLIED " WHO THE HELL ARE YOU" AND QUICKLY HUNG UP-BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU WILL BE NOTIFIED OF THIS NUMBERSomeone from this number called only a half hour after I received a call from another unknown number- It seemed suspicious, as neither of the callers bothered to leave a message- The first number ( ) is listed on this site as being related to progressive causes soliciting donations- I've made several donations to a few organizations in California and would not be surprised if this number is somehow connected to that as well- Calls like these always come in the evening (between and PM)- Any idea who the company is?

No strings attached, At least this way I would be able to evaluate their worth as a company to me instead of me just jumping head long into a dark void of unknown Please anyone with experience with this company provide me with some insight- Thanks Same thing just happened to me- They said they were looking for Jesse- I'm like wtf???

I'm wondering how they got my cell phone number in the first place I'm Joe not Jesse and I am not overdue in my bills so I'm wondering why they would call me??? SCAM ALERT The caller calls me once twice a week claiming to have sealed "legal" documents for a family member,and that they are trying to get them the message and then references a "Case number"- she claims to work for some agency but when asked the name of the agency she changes her story and claims to be just a "locator" and again "unnamed"- and then threatens to show up at the persons home or work if i don't get them to call her- if she can find me and my brother than why cant she locate who shes looking for, and if its that important that she contact him her than why not go to their house work to deliver the "Legal documents"- WHAT A SCAM look out for this one people Feature Films For Families calls several times a day, every day- First thing in the morning, last thing at night- They never give up, even when you tell them to take you off the list- They just ignore you, and keep pestering you- They change their name to like Brian FFFF or Morkand Mindy FFFF, and use different numbers- I must have a dozen different numbers and names from the same company that I have tried to block- I haven't answered their calls in years, but they still waste their time calling Believe this is a collection agency- I am listed as J- Taylor (although my name has now changed due to divorce) and I get a call from them fairly often anytime they are looking for someone named J- Taylor in my area - James, John, Jennifer, Jill, Jasper, Jiminy (you name it)- I am no longer a Taylor, do not owe anyone any money and I have had it with these calls Thy call everyday all day long and never say anything- I pick up the phone and nothing, i let the answering machine pick it up and nothing, I call back and nothing- it is very annoying and probably illegal I received a call from this number looking for a Michael Mc Dugal- He had my address and stated the Sheriffs Department will be there shortly- I told him that I do not know or ever heard of a Mc Dugal- He was very rude and kept saying that the Sheriff's Department is on the way- Do not let you guard down on these kind of calls- They are trying to get information from you- Do not give them any kind of information Got a text from this number in regards to a vehicle enquiry and asked me to flick accross an email to him, when we tried to return the call there was no answer, and it sounded like a dodgy ring tone- also, the email would not allow to be sent- as the email is obviously not a legit email address either- He put his name on there as KENTh is number keeps calling but will not answer and when I call back it just just clicks and doesn't answer - Please help me fig ur e out who this is and why they are calling me so much- It's several times a day everyday This is Market Force, a company that pays people to do onsite shopping for clients- You, as the "shopper" go to a store, restaurant, etc-, and do research as to the nature of the customer service and products being offered by the client- The shopper grades the performance of employees, knowledge, service times, etc This is definitely a scam, DO NOT do what they ask Report them to Better Business and any cyber crime contacts you have I asked where they were from- The said London, UK, I questioned the Jersey Area code- They hung up- My guess is that they are also phishing for Vo IP connections too-They reported being a service provider for Mircosoft- I told them I used UNIX- Strike I called Microsoft and they told me that I wouldn't ever recieve a phone call regarding issuescaller stated that I was going to be summons and called HR was unable to deliver to my work since I work at a prison wanted me to call this number back with a case # but was unable to give me any other information except that i was being sued I received a call for a family member that hasn't lived here in or years- I pressed to advise they had a wrong number- After waiting a few seconds, the guy came on the phone and asked for the family member- I told them that family member didn't live here- He stated that this was the number they had for the member- They wanted to know what number that person could be reached at- I asked who they represented and he got indignant and said "I told you I'm with J-C- Christensen and Associates-" When I asked what it was about he said if I didn't want to give him the number then my family member could just remain "ignorant" about this important personal matter that they needed to know about- I started to ask him to remove my number and he hung up on me I keep getting phone calls from these people on old pay day loans- I had a few years back and paid every single one back I have proof of payment- They are telling me I need a letter of clearance , now yrs later- I don't think so- I wish they would leave me alone I get calls from these people every day- They are relentless- I called the number back and got a very rude person that would not give me any information unless I gave him my phone number- He gave me the same story they gave Gary Keep calling me- Woman obviously read from a sheet because she rambled on and on even though I keep interrupting asking her how she received my information- I actually saw a news report about them and this number along with another telephone number, it is a scam and they use fpl's name to trick people into allowing them into their homesi got a message from this person, "Karen Hanys" who seems to be a scammer- ordering mary kay from texas (im on the other side of the country), not wanting to talk directly, wanting me to cash a check at the bank and send some of it on,its totally a scam This is a mexican or spanish speaking individuals that called my yr old father who is ill,to threathen him because he did not paid something on his bank account ,they are breaking the law in everyway ,there's a federal law that protects individuals of this type of phone calls and they should stop this as soon as possible ,if anything happens to my father they will be responsible Mike J Brown-Suspicious BM, , stated he was hospital human resource dude for Univ of IL CHI Hospital- Gave fake wk #'s of ,direct and , Neither are correct- I called the actual # and they do not know him in Human Resources and said those #'s are not part of hospital- Called from , which is unregistered- LE, LE, LEWoman called from this number at AM Jun , , also claiming to be from Statistics Canada and said it was regarding the 'recent census that I completed'- Offered no proof that that's who they were and nothing on caller ID- Could have been just about anybody looking for info- I told her to send me a letter and I might respond, but that I would not give any private info over the phone- She said 'that's not policy' and I would 'not be included' in their survey and not be called again- Here's hoping I received a call from this phone number on Friday, March th about a low cost health insurance plan- When I called the number back today March th, - I was connected to a social networking company to meet new people- It was a pre-recored message and no company name was give then the line was disconnected- I feel that this was some sort of scam and am calling my phone company to report the call Answered out of curiosity of who it could be- They had previously called me other times- It was a gal who did not identify herself or WHERE she was from- Southern ish accent- Said she was from an education advancement company- She sounded recorded and stalled- And when I would ask her to identify herself or what she was calling about she would say "sorry, I didn't get that"When I told her that I never requested to further my education, I have already graduated medical school and gotten a job all she said was "yes" after an extended pause- Every answer came after an extended pause- She kept asking personal info like birthdate, email, proof of being born in the US- I felt as though it was a fraud scam- Based off what she was asking and how she spoke I called the number back and it answers as "you reached the number for _____College Information System"- They called at almost pm but when you call the number back when it says the above so you get a recording- If you filled out a form for Everest College and left a number where you can be reached, it's them that is calling- The caller id on my cell says "unknown name ,"These clowns also call me on a daily basis, caller ID says Newark, NJ , No one answers, then they hang up- I think I've gotten them on the phone on prior occasions and asked to be removed from their call list; guess they are hoping someone else will pick up the phone Resnick Energy NY Liberty, NY, () - 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Lmfaogot a tex for a tranny im selling on craigslist and they want to send me check for a item thats posted for , been texing them back telling them im Mickey Mouse and they still proceed to get more info , Beware scammers , Report them , They are stupid scammers trying to get your info for fraud investments SCAM Have my work and my cell number, I find it funny,the guy leaves a message and garbles out the name of the company so I can't understand him- The only thing super clear in the message is the phone number to call back- Just wish they'd leave me alone Back in March ( months ago) I got a new phone number- After I activated the number, the calls started coming for Sinclair Johnson- Now if they actually listened to my answering message, they would realize that the phone number now belonged to someone else- Instead they continue to call and continue to leave messages- I started ignoring them, but finally I called back, gave them my number, and told them that they were calling me in error- The calls stopped - - - for a while- I have been enjoying months (give or take) without these calls until last week- Now they are worse than ever - multiple times a day- Dan Morgan called a couple of times, also a woman named Kim at extension - There were also other varieties of voices at the other end- I am planning on calling again or sending a cease and desist letter to them MMS from email with call back number , about failed credit card ending in - "CITY C-U- ALERT" I called the number back using my Google Voice # and it asked "Please enter your -digit credit card number"- I entered ,as soon as I did, the call we ended- I called back using the same Google Voice # and the outgoing message was garbled and all I could make out was "wrong number"- I guess it tracks caller id as well,so after you enter a credit card number, there is supposedly "technical issues" with the call- bunch of punks I was going to spam them entering zero's, about times ; DThere is no response when I answer- This has happened on numerous ocassions- Today, I called back and the guy asks for my husband- He says its about insurance rates- Asked him not to call again- He says he'll remove our number from his database- We'll see These keep calling me, i have tried to get them to stop but they call more, i've told them i will not buy anything, my theory is the phone companies pay them to call cell phones, so we get the charged, seems like paranoia but there has to be some point to calling someone who has definitively told you multiple times that he will not buy anything, I have NEVER ever bought something from a telemarketer In the past days I received blanck messages on my answering machine and calls with somebody who hang up on me- I dialed * and it gives me - I tried to call back, but nobody answer- Is it a payphone number?

[Me]: Pickup Only | No Shipping | Cash Onlycaller ID says Community Health Insurance- They want to come by and look over my health insurance and Medicare to make sure I know all the changes effective this coming year- Well Medicare and my health insurance already notify me of all changes etc- The lady just didn't want to quit so I hung up on her- Don't know if this is legit or not but I am not about to let someone look at my personal health coverage or health info- Sounds shady to me- Beware I live in Connecticut- I get calls from many, many different phone numbers from all over the country several times a day all claiming to be Discount Power- They attempt to drag information out of me to which I usually respond that it is none of their business and they promptly hang up on me- Most recently it was this phone number- It was a Middle Eastern woman and she asked for my mother- When I asked to take a message she said she would just try back later- Every time someone calls claiming to be from this company I call back after I hang up with them just to see what happens- Almost always no one answers and I hear an automated message telling me that no one is available to take my call at this time and then a dial tone- Sometimes I get nothing at all- Everyday this happens and I usually go about my business, but its starting to get extremely irritating- I have asked every single one of them to take me off their list and apparently it has not worked- I want them to stop- What do I have to do?

A person with a very heavy anciented voice (maybe India) called me this afternoon and imformed me that I had just won - million dollars and to please call , immediately to get my prize- I new right away that this was a scam They called saying they were Acs they alled me last week saying i was being aressted for frud cause they say i took out payday loan and never paid back called my bank spoke with some guy on phone with my bank guy said he would call back nothing then a week later i ge a call saying i was to call stacy wilson back and i never did so he put her on she said i as to call her ba CK with the proff from my bank-I told her i did i then told her to go a head with ur proff and i will bring mine i will see u in court and when were done with this to make sure u keep all ur stuff cause we will have another court date when i sue u she then hung up on me a few min- later my friend called saying they called her telling her i was useing her name as ref and cause of this iam runing her good credit that she needs to put the presure on me to take care of this , Its one thing to call me and tell me iam going to jail but know ur calling people i know iam very mad something needs to be done about this This is yet another number that continuously calls the house- ID on the number says Power Division- I am on a DO NOT CALL REGISTRY- Yet my phone keeps ringing- Be careful there are SCAMS going around regarding people calling and hanging up was on the News Called yesterday at PST, Indian accent guy was talking about some sort of Survey I bet that the call center is also in India and using US numbers Told them not interested I like to be polite with the ppl, it doesn't hurt me and they want to do their job, not their fault though, it's companies fault and whom ever gives our numbers Thank you for contacting Earth Link Network Abuse- If you wish to filea DMCA complaint, please visit our DMCA policy at:www-earthlink-net about policies dmca-faces-All Earth Link policies and agreements can be accessed from:earthlink-net about policies If you wish to report SPAM or Phishing emai, please referr to thefollowing Earth Link support page:support-earthlink-net articles policy- , spam-emails-php Sincerely, Earth Link Network Abuse THIS NUMBER IS A CREDIT COLLECTION AGENCY FIRT SOURCE ADVANTAGE THEY CALL INCESSANTLY DAILY TWO AND THREETIMES A DAY i HAVE MADE EVERY EFFORT TO TELL THEM THEY ARE CALLING THE WRONG PERSON AND TH CALLS CONTINEUE IT IS TO THE POINT OF BEIGN HARASSING THE SADDEST PART IS THE PERSON THEY WNT DOESNT EVEN LIVE HEREthis number was on my phone misg saying his name is Deputy john harris from the state police dept, and tells me to call this number , and ask for Mr- daniels middle eastern to india accent can't speak english well enough nor seems to be brainless as well, the call traced to FRESNO CA-, and FBI was called- they are using false names to get money from people to fund their groups in INDIA , SO GET THEIR ADDRESS AND SEND THEM MONOPLY MONEY, WESTERN UNION SHOULD BE INFORMED AND FBI SHOULD BE THERE TO CATCH THEM WHEN THEY PICKUP THE WESTERN UNION, LETS GET THEMI have occassionally recieved calls from this number about once every two weeks or so, I called it back from my work number and it ID'd as something like "Summer Resorts", I will call them later and tell them to promptly remove my number Told me I was being registered for ,- sweepstakes had you answer automated question if you was , on Medicare, if I was diabetic I would qualify for extra help, If I had back or leg pain I could receive a brace- Then transferred me over to someone else said I qualified for - voucher for Walmart or Target, then asked for banking information so my account could be billed - to mail me the voucher- I told them I was not going to give them any bank information take the money out of the voucher or mail me a bill - and I would mail them a money order and I hung up- Call came from East Jordan MI- I received a phone call from this number , and it wasn't even for me- They called my cell phone which I've only had for a year- The voicemail was from a Mr- Jones saying that he was calling for my father- Mr- Jones left the number and his ext which was - So I returned the call to ask how this man had my phone number- When I tried to ask, he yelled at me telling me that I shouldn't be calling late- When I told him to not call my number again he cursed at me, told to shut up, and that I should fix the problem and that it wasn't his fault- Then he hung up on me- My dad paid his debt that was owed and had to file bankruptcy due to identity theft and that man violated the bankruptcy laws- I feel these people should learn how have proper phone etiquette- All I wanted for them stop calling my cell when it has nothing to me It's Dell Financial, a collection agency- They've been calling for one of my (ex) employees for days straight now- I've explained that we put all of our employees on furlough months ago but they hang up on me and call back the next day I would recommend not answering calls from the area code; they are mosgtg likely a scam- I have gotten calls from this number today- It was a person with a strong foreign accent- The first time he said he was from Fed Ex and needed information so they could send me a check, because of a package I didn't receive- I didn't buy it and told them not to call back- A few seconds later, he called back and said I won a million dollars- Again, I told him not to call back- As I was hanging up, he cussed me out and said a few very vulgar things- He hasn't called back yet, but I'm going to file a police report, because I'm guessing he's calling multiple people and trying to get their info K-O- Construction Peace Dr, Pasadena, MD () - K-O- Construction offers all phases of interior and exterior remodeling solutions which includes: kitchen design and remodeling, bathroom design and remodeling, and much more- Kitchen Remodeler, Bathroom Remodeler, Home Improvement Service, General Remodeling, Basement Remodeler koconstructionmd-com Getting harassing calls saying I fraued and some foney case number for my county I don't call back because I am not paying them if I owed something thy would send some papers through the mail to notify me just another scam to get money from people I received a text on my cell from this number asking if I wanted to test a new i Pad for Apple and keep the i Pad- A likely story I'm sure, no chance that I'll get a virus from the website they want me to visit or have y identity stolen by providing information on it, right?

Because you can't find it on the Yellow Pages First received a text saying that someone I knew was injured in an accident at a gas station in NYC- Then received a phone call from a man claiming his name was "David" saying that my father was in an accident- Became very aggressive when I denied that it was my father- I had to hang up on him This person texted me and I told him he had the wrong number.

He insisted that this was the number his friend frequently called him from and said, "how do you think I got this number"?

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