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There are also Half-Arabians: An Arabian that has been cross bred with another breed.

You also get other colorings that you wouldn’t get with a full bred Arab.

Their bloodlines can be found in almost any modern horse. I know when I’m watching my nieces and nephew ride their “crazy Arabians,” I always wonder how people come to the conclusion that they are a scary breed.

The temperament of the Arabian horse is often a hot button issue for a lot of us. There is no way my sister-in-love would put her kids on a dangerous horse and they all ride Arabians.

All of the above being said, Arabians do have spirit that is more evidently seen than in other breeds of horse.

Maybe it takes a wild spirit to understand another wild spirit.

These are in addition to the horse’s overall coloring. She has a solid black coat, but she has what we call a skunk tail (black, with some white hairs that intermingle) and some white on her flanks (near her back legs and on her belly).It is said that mares were also used due to being more stealthy than stallions, and better able to keep quiet so as not to give away the army’s position.As far as coloring goes, Arabs are mainly known to be bays (dark brown body with a black mane and tail), chestnuts, greys and blacks. If you’re not planning on having sex with a guy, don’t play the game. Don’t pretend to be a player when you’re just a spectator. I get fashion and all that, but when I walk into a place and almost 90% of the women there are wearing leather boots, jeans and black tops, I’ll kind of brush you all off for the sake of someone who looks different.

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