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I would say the female panelists offered advice that was just as misogynistic as men.I was pretty bothered when one panelist, life coach Heidi Krantz, described how a woman should behave when she sees a man she likes. She needs to get herself into proximity,” Krantz said and suggested a woman physically move closer to a man before she dares speak to him.If that alone doesn’t work, she “needs to use her eye contact and her smile, her two most powerful tools.” That is critical, according to Krantz, because that “let’s him know she is interested in more interaction. ”Apparently, all sentiments should be conveyed via Kabuki theatrics because women should be seen and not heard. We should give snaps to the one panelist we loved: matchmaker and dating coach Peggy Wolman. She had the most sound and sage advice of them all.At the start, she addressed Howie’s complaints about women not building men’s confidence with tremendous nuance. In the area of looking for love, I think [in] putting on the costume of confidence, we become much less authentic,” she said.Louis to San Jose to try and figure out: Why is everyone still single? He is, according to his website, a “professional motivational speaker and master certified relationship coach.” He is also a homophobic douchebag, serving up uniformly appalling advice.But, as the night progressed and the advice became so utterly ridiculous, we could only wonder what more than spewing antiquated, sexist bile with a straight face made the panel of speakers “experts.”Emily: Well, Justin, I think we should have pre-gamed this event more, though I am not sure there was enough Maker’s Mark in Manhattan to prepare me for this night. He hands down made the craziest remark of the night.

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If you carry that with you and share that with someone every day, you will be the most wonderful matchmaker for yourselves and I think you will find love.”Emily: Wolman was a saving grace with nuanced, modern wisdom.Overall, more than merely offensive, I found the discussions generally outdated.I was taken aback when, barely ten minutes in, the moderator asked the panel: “Is it ever acceptable for a woman to approach a man? It was the equivalent of the Newlyweds Game host asking “What’s the craziest place you’ve ever made whoopie? Howie explicitly told women to “get rid of your resting bitch face.” He even called out a woman as having “resting bitch face” and when she smiled, he said “See, how pretty you are now!As you can probably imagine, I think this is bullshit.Even more importantly for dating, I think it is totally disingenuous and sets the courtship on a false foundation.

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