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Electrical transmission is the use of high-voltage lines to carry bulk power from the generating point to sub-stations or pole transformers.

These lines used much higher poles, very widely spaced wires and usually three or four wires.

On telephone routes the separation between wires on crossarms was usually 15 cm to 20 cm and crossarms were 35 cm apart.

Power lines had no more than four wires on each crossarm, spaced more than 30 cm apart and seldom more than eight wires on a pole.

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Wires were erected at different times for telegraphs, telephones, electrical distribution, high-voltage transmission and traction, and each application uses different types of construction.

From Redfern to Parramatta there were about 20 wires, and crossarms were used.

At Granville the lines to the south diverged, still following the railway, and at Parramatta the lines to the north branched off to follow the road.

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