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If so, you will have to give him a so-called ‘red envelope’ (红包): a payment worth 8,88 RMB (1,5 US dollars).

After paying, you will be removed from the groups within a couple of minutes.

Many Chinese have installed apps on their phone such as Alipay (Chinese equivalent to Paypal).

The virus enables scammers to access private information, and transfer money from their victim’s accounts.

In an age of smartphones and social media, Chinese scammers are more prone to abandon old tricks and use new technology for their swindling business. Zhou appeared, who introduced himself as an official from an academic institution with the right means to make sure Mr.

But apart from new media and online fraud, there are still scammers who use people’s inexperience and desperation to earn money by simply fooling them on the streets. Lu’s son would be admitted to Hefei University of Technology, but he needed money for it.”Worried about his son’s future, and fully trusting, Mr.

After doing so, they learn the group consists of hundreds of people posting spam, emoticons and vile words.

Scammers will even say they are their children’s English or maths teacher, boosting the chances of parents clicking the link provided.

What starts as small talk, soon leads to the girls inviting the tourist(s) to a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, where they will taste about eight different teas within fifteen minutes or so in a closed room in a backend alley teahouse.

The tourists are led to believe that the tea that is served is inexpensive, but will later be presented with a bill of 650-2000 RMB (100-330 US dollar) or even more.

The group also cannot be set to ‘do not disturb’ mode, making every message that pops up visible on your phone screen.

Somebody in the group will then send you a message asking if you want to be removed from the group.

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