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In Brunei, such forms of activism are an abstract concept.The mounting pressure has essentially forced the LGBTI community underground, to the point where it becomes a logical stretch to use ‘community’ as an accurate descriptor.Though the transition into Sharia law has encountered delays, the Bruneian government is expected to see through its full implementation within the next few years.

The present study was conducted in Brunei Bay region of Malaysian waters to define the sedimentation rate and sediment age as well as to investigate the possible sources of pollutants into this bay. Overall, by controlling human activities as well as sustaining the mangroves population, could maintain and preserve the natural and unique environment of Brunei Bay.Sediment core of B9 and LB showed higher sedimentation rate compared to B5 and B13 due to the rapid development of urban and industrial. Sediment core samples were cut by layers, dried and analyzed using High Purity Germanium (HPGe) Spectrometer.The increasing of sedimentation rate over the last 25 years was in line with the increasing of human activities surround the bay. Results obtained marked the time interval of 1875, 1956, 19 for sediment core B5, B9, B13 and LB consecutively.‘People are relying on their private networks, and keeping it within those networks for support, but they’re not reaching out to these other organizations where they could potentially draw from their experience to start forming some sort of advocacy movement within Brunei.’In 2016, the group hosted a low-key get-together for members of the LGBTI community in a hotel in Brunei.Though it went off without incident, when Woolfe later attempted to reenter Brunei he was stopped by immigration officials and told he had been effectively blacklisted and ‘A lot of the work that we had done, and continued to do, we based on social media,’ he says.

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