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Ringgold's choice of the quilt as her primary medium in later years reflects her connection to the rich African-American tradition of passing on stories and craft through quilt-making.⠀ -⠀ Faith Ringgold, Groovin High, 1986 / 2014. ⠀ ⠀ 📷 by @Timothy Schenck⠀ -⠀ #Black History Month #Faith Ringgold A post shared by The High Line (@highlinenyc) on High Line is also the site of beautifully cultivated gardens.

Each garden has something different to offer in terms of aesthetic value.

– Jawaharlal Nehru🌸 #alleypondpark #queens #nyc #newyork #nuevayork #memorialdayweekend #park #parque #positivevibes #energiaspositivas #adventuresoflife #aventurasdevidasa #aventurasdevida 🌸🌺💜 A post shared by Sandra Arias (@aventurasdevidasa) on The High Line for a Cultural Experience As the only elevated park in NYC, High Line can be a perfect choice for a springtime date.

It’s full of local culture and offers some amazing views of the city.

play it safe and opt for a traditional dinner, but it always pays to think outside the box.

A new shared experience can help you get to know your date in ways you wouldn't be able to, say, chatting over a three-course meal.

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After the long winter days and nights have retreated, New York City is filled with couples enjoying a date night in refreshing spring weather.

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It is also home to an amphitheater that hosts various performances put on by locals.

The afternoon session requires you to be there before 1 pm.

At the beginning of May, the adventure course opens for the season.

There are the Gansevoort Woodland, Washington Grasslands and Woodland Edge and the popular water feature.

As you explore the water you’ll see swamp milkweed, cattails and rose mallow, among others. The balcony offers glimpses of the Hudson River like nowhere else.

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