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He wears heavy armor to suppress his aura and wields an axe larger than his own body.With the prospect of a rematch, he trained and improved, but so did Toguro.Having lost to Hiei, it proves he will never beat Toguro, and so Bui asks him to kill him, which Hiei refuses.

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The younger Toguro brother known as Otōto Toguro and more with his lover and friend Genkai and his older brother Ani Toguro they won the. Anyhoo, Do you think Toguro actually had feelings for Genkai ?

It was obvious from the flashbacks that he was obsessed.

He began to question humanity itself and soon disappeared taking The Black Chapter with him.

Only three of the seven are seen, while a fourth is described, they are: Before dying, Sensui states that he longed to have demon heritage, that he created the portal so that he could die in the Demon Plane, and wishes that he be reincarnated as a demon. He anticipated Sensui's madness before it began, based on the quality of his pure soul, and looked forward to watching him sink into despair at the horrors he was unable to rationalize.

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