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You can also access the FMA's extensive MP3 library via i OS and Android devices.( Are the 36 Best Noise Tracks of 2015 (Village Voice) Digital Underground: Who Will Make Sure The Internet's Vast Musical Archive Doesn't Disappear?is probably going to rip all our hearts out by killing off all our favorite characters, but at least it gave us this song! I will sacrifice Jon Snow for a SZA, The Weekend, and Travis Scott collab every single day.Stream Now If you’re sleeping on 17-year-old Billie Eilish, 2019 is the year you need to wake up.Paulo, Brazil (full interview) (translated into Spanish by the Pirate Party of Argentina) El País (Madrid, Spain) PC World FMA @ all2gethernow/Berlin Music Week 2010 FMA @ Latin Alternative Music Conference 2010 FMA @ Pop Montreal 2010 Website design and development by Cuban Council.

Summer is here and here we are with some news about latest Freesound developments.

The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet. Every MP3 you discover on The Free Music Archive is pre-cleared for certain types of uses that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws that were not designed for the digital era.

These uses vary and are determined by the rights-holders themselves (please see our FAQ) who feel that allowing a degree of free cultural access is beneficial not only to their own pursuits, but to our society as a whole.

At the risk of sounding very dramatic, I would like to point out that summer is almost over. Which means it’s practically winter and basically 2020. Anyway, 2019 has given us some incredible music, so let’s take a quick minute to appreciate all the songs you haven’t been able to stop listening to this year.

(And if you haven’t heard’s probably time to stop listening to the same playlist you’ve been beating to death since 2017.

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