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There is small carpark on the western side of the road a few hundred metres south of Emmagen Creek (opposite the huge fig tree).The track begins opposite the carpark, in behind the fig tree.

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Cedar Bay was legendary as a hippie commune, until it was famously raided by police in the 70s, involving a helicopter, light aircraft, and even a Navy vessel. It is remote - only accessible by sea or a two-day walk - and it has white sand beaches, and calm, blue waters. And if you stroll along the beach, you can find sheltered campsites.WITH more than 70 per cent of Australians living on the continent's coast, you wouldn't think there was much to still discover.Fortunately, up here in Far North Queensland, much of our coastline is still regarded as wilderness.You can see all the way down to Cape Tribulation, and there is enough shade from the trees to sit in the shade and just chill with a picnic.How to find it: The Emmagen Beach walk leaves from the dirt road about five 5km north of Cape Tribulation in Daintree National Park.

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