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Fun, exhilarating and thrilling first dates increase the chances that your date will fall for you.

Researchers have found a correlation between danger and romantic attraction.

With well-defined personal rules and boundaries, you can make the best of your dating experiences. I once made a list of "non negotiables" before meeting a date for the first time.

As the date progressed, I was able to see that we would be a good match! The truth is, it's not always easy to broach this subject at the beginning of a new courtship.

Our generation has the luxury of exploring many different options when it comes to dating and relationships.

Never before have we had such flexibility; online dating, speed-dating and social media have created a hub of possibilities for scoring a date.

By all means, stay honest and open with your date during this time, and don't fret if the topic comes up sooner..later.

Establishing trust and open communication early on will set a really good foundation for your future relationship. Most women using online dating sites have come across their fair share of internet creepazoids.

Who you're going out with, the location of the date, and of course the natural chemistry will all affect your experience.Even if you've exchanged a few messages with someone, and they "seemed nice" but suddenly busted out the nude pic requests? Another third don't, and the final third just give up and cancel their accounts. These statistics definitely prove that online dating be successful.So how do you get yourself into the relationship percentile, you ask?Body language is an equally important non-verbal form of communication.Women have reported that the way a man is standing (before he has even spoken a word to them) accounts for up to 80% of their first impression.

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