Dating disneyland postcards

These cards were also sold in the park in its early days based on the fact that he has some postmarked after opening, and mentioning the park. yes and no; the images are the same, the captions, and the card numbers on the back of the card are the same on each card, but the logo for Walt Disney World (both the ones you can see in these images and the ones on the back of the card) vary from card to card.There is also some question of how many varieties of these cards there were , and that number can vary greatly depending on how you count them for example look at these two cards... The difference in the logo is simply that on the lower pictured card there is a flag with the word Florida on it attached to the Walt Disney World logo.I can’t put a year on this, and my copy of Nick Farago’s original WDW card list is buried somewhere in my office (only a few feet away from me to be sure…but it would take a while to dig out!

That would explain why the Florida flag logo was phased out after a few years, after all, by that time the folks who were the target audience for WDW would have known the difference.This opportunity was provided by the all ears newsletter. answered several peoples questions including mine, and they appeared in the email newsletter.Right now, I am still busy entering data into the tool…starting with NT cards.If you want to be able to add cards to the database yourself, all I need is your e-mail and I will give you a password.

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