Dating com ao Cerita seks datin

After finding out from Yoshioka that she breaks up with Toma, they try to rekindle their promise from middle school, only to be faced with Kou getting hit by a car on the way and getting admitted to a hospital.When visited by Yoshioka, he confesses to her and expresses she's the only girl he can love and the two share a passionate kiss twice.In middle school, he looked more innocent, but as the years past he changed into looking more mature and serious.He tends to keep more of a straight face and his expressions make it hard for people to read what he's thinking, especially Futaba.

Kou is a handsome young man with fluffy black hair and fairly sharp brown eyes.Despite Kou's obvious feelings he shares with Futaba, he never fails to tease her about wearing make-up and how unfeminine she is.After Futaba's confession, he rejects her, but gets very flustered about the situation he's put in.Kou met Narumi in the middle school that he transferred to, in his mother's hometown, Nagasaki, during the second term of his first year.He initially found her to be a kind and a friendly person, because she helped clear up misunderstandings with their classmates about Kou's surname, "Mabuchi", and his parent's divorce, when he had trouble opening up to them.

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