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In late 1924, Brunswick acquired the Vocalion Records label.

Audio fidelity of early-1920s, acoustically-recorded Brunswick discs is above average for the era.

They were recorded in the United States but sold only in Canada.

In January 1920, a new line of Brunswick Records was introduced in the U. and Canada that employed the lateral cut system which was becoming the default cut for 78 discs.

Brunswick also had a very successful business supplying radio with sponsored transcriptions of popular music, comedy and personalities.

Records under the Brunswick label were first produced by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company, a company based in Dubuque, Iowa which had been manufacturing products ranging from pianos to sporting equipment since 1845.

When they reached 6999, they continued at 7301 (because the early 7000s had been previously allocated as their Race series).

The parent company marketed them extensively, and within a few years Brunswick became one of America's "big three" record companies, along with Victor and Columbia Records.

A number of interesting recordings were made by actors during this period, featuring songs from musical films.

Actors who made recordings included Noah Beery, Charles King, and J. During this Warner Brothers period Brunswick signed Bing Crosby, who was to become their biggest recording star, as well as the Mills Brothers, Adelaide Hall, the Boswell Sisters, Cab Calloway, the Casa Loma Orchestra and Ozzie Nelson.

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