Dating botswana

The importance of family and community is very strong in Botswana, one thing I really love about the country.It helped me engage more with Batswana and visit local hang-outs I wouldn’t otherwise know about. As a single mom dating was not easy, after a few coffee dates I made good friends, but had not someone I could see a future with, and I found that a lot of people were only there for dating and not really looking for a partner. we will celebrate our 10 year date anniversary on the 18th September 2018!and our 10th wedding anniversary next year :-) It is not the conventional way to meet and it raises eyebrows, but when you are doing it for the right reason then you will find the right partner. They tend to comment on your body or appearance, and often use humor as a way of getting your attention.

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This means figuring out the implications attached to certain actions or words and interpreting the true meaning of your date’s demeanor.

I learned most of these nuances through observation, advice from friends, and trial and error. In Botswana, men are used to initiating most flirting and some take a very forward approach.

We knew immediately the same day we met, this is different.

How great to experienced that when two people are destined to be...

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