Dating a know it all

Take inventory on what the guy you like is already showing you. If this is the case, there is nothing you can do to change his mind.It’s often the case that the man is trying to pursue a woman but his efforts are going unnoticed. If you meet a guy that you like, you can meet a man halfway by showing interest in getting to know him.When you think about letting a man pursue you, consider letting him take the lead when it makes sense for him to do so.Don’t try to fill in the gaps for where should be showing interest and isn’t.Even if you don’t think this man is capable of taking the lead, give him a chance at least.You don’t want a man so paralyzed by his own insecurities that he can’t ask you for a date.

You can typically judge a man’s interest by his actions. Often, a man is making it crystal clear that he doesn’t want a relationship.

Lastly, letting a man pursue doesn’t mean waiting around so long that you become impatient and borderline desperate.

Or even worse, settle for treatment that is less than what you deserve.

It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to show unequivocal interest in a man.

You don’t want the man to worry that you’re not interested. If you meet a guy that you think is great and you want to be in a serious relationship with him, but he’s dropping the ball on making plans, or communicating with you – it’s not your job to take control.

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