Dating a cocktail waitress in las vegas

First and foremost: locals’ impossibly high standards. Such desires aren’t unique to Las Vegans, but Peña said people seem to be more honest about it here, perhaps because of the perceived accessibility to good-looking people. After all, the Strip runs on hospitality, so it’s many workers’ job to make people feel important.

Cocktail waitresses chat up middle-aged men sitting at slot machines, while VIP hosts in sharp suits sweet-talk women into clubs and lounges.

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Dating sites such as and Plenty Of Fish seemed like her best hope.

It spiraled from there as more friends and acquaintances expressed interest.

Called Project Duo, their company pairs eligible bachelors — many of whom are successful members of the community and pay thousands of dollars to join — with women seeking a relationship.

The city’s fantasylike atmosphere, where good looks carry heavy weight, can contribute to unrealistic expectations for a mate.

That’s on top of many residents’ odd work schedules, neighborhood conveniences that can prevent people from crossing paths and the community’s overall transiency.

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