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But in October 2018 his name was dragged into the gruesome killing of the Washington Post journalist Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul in Turkey.

After prayer pilgrims sacrifice an animal in the honor of Ibrahim (A. Pilgrim also go to Masjid e Haram and see a structure and they are all believe that, this structure was made by Ibrahim (A. Pilgrims watch every beautiful place in the Saudi Arabia.

It is day off for general population so that, all the schools and government institutes would be close on that day. So, all the local businesses would also be close on 6 days.

It seems Lindsay is also keen on making an all-female film called Frame on Saudi culture. Meeting her on her birthday on 2 July 2006, Harry Morton and Lindsay became inseparable.

She also wanted to talk about the Saudi women’s taste for the sport of fencing. But by summer of the same year, everything had cooled down.

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