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The production was so unique and cool and influential, the lyrics were dark and real and had meaning.When i was extremely depressed and suicidal, i found out about this band. They made it feel like i could actually push on and deal with life, because while it was all nihilistic, it really embodied how i felt and validated how fucked up i felt, and they said they did it to "bring awareness" to all of these human rights issues.Throw in the occasional presence of Alice Glass's dynamic vocal style, which ranges from punk-rage to smooth melodic and even shows moments of pop influence, and the result is an immensely entertaining and interesting album.While Kath produces the beats throughout the album in the tradition of Electronische Musik, using purely electronic sound, he does not shy away from the world of sampling, manipulating tracks from artists such as Death From Above 1979, HEALTH, Grandmaster Flash, Van She, and others to bring further depth to his music.I hope some other fans on here feel the same.(the official forum on the CC website has their servers down) I have CDs and a few T shirts by Crystal Castles, I've talked about them and praised them for so long, I've even reproduced and covered some of their songs, i really believed and loved them... I hope this doesn't sound overdramatic or sound like i don't care about what Alice has gone through, i just want to discuss with fans that feel the same way. I definitely feel incredibly upset about all of this too.I got into Crystal Castles last summer and it was honestly an experience (musically) for me.

The key to the album as a whole is its delicate balance of solid beats and chaotic melodies.

Ethan Kath has taken these manipulations a step further in the group's live performances, in which he uses live treatments of Glass's voice in songs such as "Crimewave" to emulate the original track's sound, which borrows from the HEALTH song of the same name.

Regardless of production, however, Glass's vocals have an unmistakable presence on the album.

From time to time throughout the album the power of Kath's beats is amplified by his vocal partner Alice Glass.

In the seven tracks on which she is featured, her voice incorporates itself flawlessly into the composition, as if it came from an electronic source itself.

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