Constantine dating bachelorette

Local restaurant owner Constantine Tzortzis hosted a different kind of "hometown" visit Monday night.Instead of bringing home Ashley Hebert, "The Bachelorette 2011", he invited two friends to his hometown to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his restaurant, Giorgio's.I wanted to use the rest of our date to see if things would be different," she wrote."Our conversation at dinner quickly touched upon both of our concerns, and though I was willing to use every last minute to see if time was what we needed, Constantine didn't surprise me by saying goodbye." recap: Fantasy Suite dates, one man walks, another returns Ashley had voiced her worries about their relationship during the first part of their one-on-one date in Fiji, which saw them taking a helicopter ride over the islands and swimming in a private lagoon.Host Chris Harrison added in his own blog for that he hadn't predicted the relationship to fall apart this week, particularly as it came following Ashley's successful hometown visit where she met Constantine's family."Although Constantine was really the one that initiated the breakup they both realized that this relationship had hit a wall," he wrote. Ashley and Constantine like and admire each other very much, but that is far from love and that is far from what either of them deserve.Want to see a taping of THE BACHELORETTE'S MEN TELL ALL or AFTER THE FINAL ROSE?

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Ashley says she would because her partner's happiness is paramount to her. He admits that he was skeptical when he entered but everything has changed now.A photo captured the moment and Mc Lean suggested it be used as this year's Christmas card for the three friends, much to the amusement of his friends.Tzortzis, his friends and his family members spent the rest of the evening posing for photos by Atlanta photographer three pennies with guests who paid a per photo fee. His dad says that he likes Ashley, saying she has a warm personality and nice smile, but warns Constantine that he shouldn't be rushed into everything.He urges his son to look at his own relationship with Elleni, which has last 30 years, saying that while all relationships have ups and downs, they should be "perfect" when they begin.

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