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The new model uses a transfer bar and a frame-mounted firing pin.Not as slick-looking as an old Colt, but a great deal safer to carry with all six chambers filled.

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The original Cobras had their firing pins on the hammer.The general lines of the frame and hammer also bear a resemblance, but the new Cobra is a larger handgun—7.2 inches in overall length compared to the original snake gun’s 6.75 inches—and with its stainless steel construction, a hand-filling 25 ounces next to the First Issue’s weight of just 15 ounces.But there are some significant advantages to the new Cobra’s build, including a slightly longer sight radius of 3.44 inches versus 3.38 inches, a red fiber- optic front sight, and a 2.06-inch barrel that is a fraction of an inch longer barrel (the barrel is recessed 0.063 inches from the muzzle) compared to the original gun’s 2-inch tube.During that decade-long double-action hiatus, Colt went through yet another restructuring of its manufacturing and production lines.When you consider that Samuel Colt invented the first practical revolver in 1835 (his first patent), and that the “Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Co.” produced the first cartridge-firing American double-action revolver in 1877, as well as the first snub-nose revolvers, the company’s absence from the market in this century was more than conspicuous.

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