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This helpful because, when wees are imminent, you don't want to be trying to remember where you last saw the potty.

Try putting a trainer seat over the toilet seat when she's mastered the potty. Don't flush the toilet immediately when she's finished (it can stoke her fears that she may get sucked in and disappear).

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I let my second daughter go naked from the waist down for a week.

By day two, she was going to the potty herself and now she tells me when she needs to go.

My first daughter was not as quick, so don’t worry if it takes longer. Your toddler can potter around the garden, or the parts of your home you don't mind getting dirty, without a nappy on.

She can then see what she's producing, as can your visitors, while your extra laundry and soggy rugs will dry more quickly in the sun. Bowel control often comes before bladder control and children may be wet in the night for some time after they're dry during the day.

You can't teach toilet training in a day – it may take weeks or months, with minor relapses if your child becomes troubled or ill.

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