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Among cities in the Midsouth rated recently by Wallet Hub for their dating opportunities, economics, and fun and recreation measures for singles, Chattanooga ranked the lowest in the Midsouth and 138th out of 182 cities studied across the U. Purcell isn't surprised by this, but also thinks dating is difficult no matter what when you're new to a city. Lucie, Florida, where it is .63, compared to the highest average price of .93 in Atlanta. The lack of people filling Chattanooga's bars on one of the busiest nights of the year might illustrate why the Scenic City was recently ranked among the worst cities in the nation for singles.

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The lowest is in Fremont, California with only 37.71 percent.› The lowest average restaurant-meal cost is in Garden Grove, California at .78. On Wednesday in Chattanooga, Olivia Purcell, 28, sat on a couch inside M. Purcell was at the bar with a small group, but only about two dozen people filled the brewery that usually is bursting at the seams with the sounds of games and live music many weekend nights.

He thinks it's easy to meet new people and find dates.

His strategy is often just to go up to strangers when he is out, such as Wednesday night at Bitter Alibi when he introduced himself to the crowd mulling around Truong's tarot readings. People are very approachable, very friendly," he said.

She asked a man sitting alone at a nearby table, "Hey, do you want to meet someone new?

" and soon had gathered a small crowd of strangers, talking about their experiences trying to meet people in Chattanooga.

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