Chats for bipolar and adult add

Adults with ADHD may have a hard time organizing things, listening to instructions, remembering details, or difficulty completing tasks, which can affect their relationships at home, school, and work.

It’s particularly important for the doctor to get to know the individual and his or her family and environment before attempting such a diagnosis.They commonly include “pressured speech” (rapid, loud and virtually nonstop talking), constant pacing, an abrupt decrease in sleep and increased impulsivity leading to aggression.Psychiatrists often prescribe psychoactive medications to treat bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, lithium often produces significant side effects.She shouldn’t be labeled as manic just because she talks to strangers and makes inappropriate comments.By contrast, let’s say the same teenager abruptly started going without sleep for days in a row, while having more tantrums than usual. Not surprisingly, the symptoms of bipolar disorder in someone with autism are likely to look different than they would in others.

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