Changmin dating minho

Key: It must be hard Minho: Honestly, Changmin has been pretty depressed lately… Minho: Changmin-hyung has a song he really likes, but doesn’t listen to it often because it’s his cellphone ringtone…

Some people took Minho’s back for a girl’s, so photos of him and Changmin sitting together were mistook as Changmin’s rumored girlfriend. Minho: Very imposing, that was my first rumor ever Jonghyun: Your first rumor was with TVXQ’s tallest Changmin, and then the song you wanted to sing for him was “Confession”Minho: At that time, I was attending TVXQ’s Yunho senior’s Michael Jackson Memorial Concert performance.

De como Yunho encuentra otros motivos para volver a creer en el amor.

Una historia creada para el concurso de los #Fanfic Homin Awards.

The world he knew was slowly coming undone, as ancient prophecies started to unravel and new schemes threatened the peace that had been hard-fought and won.

His journey would lead him down a treacherous path, one that was wrought in death and destruction, and he found himself walking it with a stranger.

Set at the end of 2014, a psychodramatic get-together fic. "It was the truth, but hearing it such blatantly made Yunho feel embarrassed and humiliated.Instead of answering with words, Yunho nodded."Why?"Yunho spoke after fiddling his fingers for a little while."I needed money for my sister's hospital fees."Changmin laughed at the stale, cliché answer.I will do my best, and I wish we can continue to maintain our relationship in the future.Changmin prides himself on being South Korea’s Pointman--the one who knows all the secrets of East Asian dreamshare, no matter how big, or small.

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