Cast members of psych dating

S., Concessions Vendor 2002; Oscar Meyer Wienermobile Madison, Wisconsin, U. S., Mystery Shopper 2000-2001; Turner Field Atlanta, Georgia, U.

S., Driver 2001 - 2002; Safeco Field Seattle, Washington, U. S., Concessions Vendor 2000; Assemblyman Skip Warner El Paso, Texas, U.

This phrase was coined by media personality Ed Lover. He also appeared in the season six episode "Last Night Gus" as himself.

The casting team for this show appears to have a marked love of '70s and '80s television shows and movies.

In the season six opener, "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader", Ambassador Fanshawe, played by Malcolm Mc Dowell, comments on how bad Shawn's English accent is.

When Shawn is asked by the Ambassador where he gets his terrible accent, Shawn tells him it was from Phineas and Ferb's grandad.

Except for some episodes, where an Alienware laptop can be seen on Shawn's desk.

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S., Customer Service 2004; Minute Maid Park Houston, Texas, U. S., Concessions Vendor 2003; Flynn Special Events Santa Barbara, California, U.

According to his "My Space" page, the following is a list of jobs that Shawn Spencer held before becoming the CEO of Psych: Newport Sailing Assoc., Newport Beach, California, U. Kho Samui, TH Teacher, TEFL 2005; Comerica Park Detroit, Michigan, U.

S., Concessions Vendor 2005; Apollo Agency Seattle, Washington, U.

S., Construction 1997-1998; Hampton Inn Austin, Texaa, U.

S., Desk Clerk 1995-1996; Pacific Emerald Cruise Lines San Pedro, California, U. During one episode, he mentions having worked at Meineke for two afternoons.

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