Carbon dating of god

So we cannot determine a constant measuring standard, and we cannot verify that standard measurement in all life on earth, but now we get a uniformitarian assumption that even IF there was a standard, and IF we could verify all life for that standard, the evolutionist still C14 amounts and the half-life rate of C14 has been the same for thousands and millions of years.It is not possible that anyone could know that unless you travel back in time and get accurate measurements for things we cannot measure!When the water reaches that steady state, it is called equilibrium.C14 is continually being made by the sun's rays striking nitrogen (water pouring in), and continually decaying from the half-life mentioned earlier (water pouring out).He calculated that if you were to instantaneously create a new earth out of nowhere, and get it spinning around the sun, it would take approximately 30,000 years for the earth's atmosphere to reach equilibrium.that the earth is billions of years old, Willard Libby, and most evolutionists since then, have ignored equilibrium question.All scientists can do, and all they have done, is test the carbon levels in a few areas of our atmosphere, and everything else is the same.This already creates a serious problem because all measuring tools require a constant with which to measure anything.

Likewise, evolutionists that rely on carbon dating must the C14 can come from no other source except the one burning on the table in front of them.

It has recently been demonstrated that the earth's atmosphere has still not reached equilibrium.

less than 30,000 years because of the large increase.

Perhaps we can put together the melted wax and find out tall the candle was before it was lit?

Even doing so, we must recognize some wax evaporates with the burning of the candle, irretrievably lost.

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