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He sees the prohibition on dual membership as a protective measure for the church.“This protects the church from people trying to split it and saying we can pull it away from the accountability of the church,” he said.Mikita told Reconciling Ministries Network, which first reported her removal, that her commitment to The United Methodist Church has not changed.The network is an unofficial United Methodist advocacy group that seeks full inclusion for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and queer or questioning individuals in church life.

The same principle applies to quickie online ordinations, writes Philadelphia Area Bishop Peggy Johnson in an October 2013 blog post.To rejoin the denomination, the Discipline says she will need to transfer her membership back to The United Methodist Church.If that’s not possible, she can be restored by reaffirmation of her baptismal vows. Eric Meyer For the past few days, I have visited with a number of people who have asked, “what is an Elder?” Or, “If you were just ordained, what were you doing in this church before you were ordained?

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