Candice accola dating rules from my future self episode 1 who is sadie robertson dating

Be young, be fun, be single and have these stress-free things, which can be fine if that’s what you want.So, it’s about a single time in your life where you’re not necessarily looking for a long-term relationship and it’s a time when I didn’t know what I wanted and didn’t know myself.

But when a phone app links Chloe with her 36-year old self, she's suddenly faced with especially personal advice on how to get her life on track.

In watching Dating Rules it’s tough not to think what your older self would tell you now.

Safe to say you’ve thought about that and where you’ll be in ten years? I think about that constantly and I’ve also brought up the same thing for my girlfriends and would you want advice from your future self? That’s something I love about this project is that some of the experiences, of course they are dramatized, but it is related to stories and experiences that me and my girlfriends [have had]. I just want to be working and I’d love to have a family and be happy.

I just so happened to rent an apartment in Venice Beach and all my girlfriends lived in that area so we were having dinners constantly about being single in your 20s and life and boys and men and all those things and then we just started talking about this project, which related to all that so much. With Chloe in Dating Rules and Caroline on Vampire Diaries, where does Candice fall into the range? I think where Chloe is right now, I mean, she’s definitely bitter when it comes to love but she’s unapologetically bitter.

She just wants to have fun, no strings attached, she just doesn’t want to have any stress.

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