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With regards to health, medical checkups are not compulsory, because the Dutch government didn’t want to reinforce the idea that sex workers transmit infections.Also, medical checkups can be used as an excuse for unsafe sex, hence why they decided not to make it mandatory. However, the sex workers do have access to medical care which is also facilitated by the government, and they have to do regular checkups.

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This year will also open the very first independent-owned brothel: a group of sex-workers decided to rent a place on their own and become auto-entrepreneur.Legal prostitution is one of the most famous things in the Netherlands, along with coffeeshops.Yes, another thing that is legal here and not in your own country.It was legalized to fight human trafficking and to protect the sex workers.There also were some debates about the legal age to work, which is 18 but the government considered 21.

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