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Personality disorders aren’t easy to manage, but they are treatable with a good treatment team.

Have you ever heard someone say that they went to a counselor to “figure themselves out? Therapy, including online counseling, is an excellent place to learn more about who you are and your personality type.

Your Personality defines who you are to the outside world. These are all attributes that make up an individual’s personality.

Each person has a mixture of different characteristics that define who they are. Our personalities develop from childhood into adulthood, and people can even build personality disorders that make it difficult to distinguish who you are as an individual.

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Ideally, blood transfusions are done with donated blood that's an exact match for type and Rh factor.

Those are the four types of personalities according to the Greeks.

Masks Some people are different depending on who they’re around, their personality changes.

An introvert can be around others and enjoy being around people for some time, but they need time on their own to decompress as well.

Being introverted is a trait that you often see in people in the arts, even people like actors.

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