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Each temple can choose its own date for Tot Katin within the set month; there are quite a few temples in & around Sangkhla so it seems like a month long party & celebration.It's a happy time of giving, generosity & sharing that's uplifting; it's an opportunity for meeting, having fun and eating together.Dates may differ a bit to elsewhere, even locally from village to village; exact dates and not always announced much in advance but generally follow the Thai Bhuddist & Christian calendars or a few days either side.This day commemorates the day of Lord Buddha's first sermon in India and the founding of the Buddhist monkhood (Sangha) 2,561 years ago.

There's lots to see: Mon cultural shows; Mon dressed in beautiful traditional costumes; lines of pilgrims with honey and flowers to give to the monks; hot air balloons; chanting & praying, floating lanterns, almsgiving, prayers, then breakfast. Tak Bat Devo commemorates the Buddha’s return to earth after the 3-month Rains Retreat.In the evening they perform 'wian tian' that is circumambulate the temple clockwise carrying lit candles, incense and lotus flowers, a very nice spectacle to watch or join.The festive atmosphere usually includes food; it is a time for great joy and happiness.Many free activities for children; advice & moral teaching; lots of gifts, games, free meals & music.Karen, (aka Kayin or Kariang) New Year occurs twice in 2020.

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