Battlefield 2 profile not updating

So for example if you want the FPS counter to appear whenever you launch BF2 and join a game, add the Fps 1 command at the bottom of This file contains all of the control mappings for actions in the game.

The file structure is quite complex, and rather than cover it at length here, I recommend you see this detailed thread on the Planet Battlefield Forums: Anatomy of

There are two particular settings of interest here which are reported to help reduce the inaccurate feel /hit detection of weapons fire in BF2: Settings Manager.float Set GSDefault Latency Compensation 0.100000 This setting controls latency (or 'lag') compensation, which involves the game attempting to offset the delay between information being sent from your machine to the server and back again (as measured in milliseconds by your Ping).

In games without client-side latency compensation, you have to lead your target by a certain amount, since whenever you fire a weapon your bullets will actually register in the game world with a delay equal to your Ping.

By setting them each to 4 in (as shown above), you will have them displayed as 'Videosettings_Ultrahigh' in the in-game Video settings screen, and some people believe this increases the graphics quality to Ultrahigh levels.

The quickest way however is to simply go to the Favorites tab which has a record of the last 20 servers you've played on as well as any servers you've tagged as favorites.I have found that the main configuration files which do have an impact are found under your \Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\ directory, with the settings for each profile (whether an online or offline profile) are listed under a numbered directory (e.g. Note, I don't recommend that you edit the files under the \Default directory.To see which particular profile is currently in use, open the file under the \Profiles parent directory first, then see which number it mentions, and go to that particular numbered directory to find the files mentioned below.Then change the relevant information, enter the correct password and submit it to save the changes.Then when you return to BF2, enter your new details and retrieve your new account details then login to your multiplayer account.

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