Back dating tax credits

DM will check whether the debt can be passed to one of the private debt collection agencies (DCA) that HMRC uses.

These powers will also be available from April 2018 to allow DWP to recover tax credit debts on behalf of HMRC from people whose claims have ended and who have not moved over to UC but procedurally, it is expected that this will not start to happen until at least October 2018.

When a claim ends, for whatever reason, and any overpayment is outstanding, the tax credit system will issue a TC610 notice to pay form once any appeal period has passed (normally 30 days). UK for an example) advises the claimant that the amount is owed to HMRC and normally gives 42 days to pay.

It advises claimants that overpayments can be spread over a longer period.

You can find out more about the move of tax credit debt to Universal Credit in our Universal Credit section.

HMRC guidance In 2011, following consultation with various representative groups, HMRC produced a detailed guide for intermediaries ‘How HMRC handle tax credit overpayments’.

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