Arguing checklist dating

Of course, should you ever find yourself arguing with someone who embodies many of these traits, there is only one, sensible course of action: stop talking and physically remove yourself from the argument.

It may not feel great to concede in this way, but it is the only option if you want to maintain your sanity. Leave a comment below and share your experience of what it was like to argue with them.

Their body language is especially telling, but the tone of their voice and even the look in their eyes can also betray their underlying state.

As you argue with a psychopath, you will get a sense of just how warped their view of the world is.

They often see things completely differently to others, and this twisted vision of reality forms a basis for their arguments.

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That, of course, is the most famous line from that film, which, in hindsight, is maybe not the best relationship advice.

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