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Without thinking, I raised myself by the knees, stretching back, my belly striating with the subtle outline of muscles, my breasts shadowing them generously.

I hovered my virgin crease over him, and felt his rigid heat brush the wet folds of me. ” Brandon grinned guiltily up at me, “I added a couple extra billion nerves to…

My ethereal hands slid through the lengths of my arms, my ethereal feet dropped into my new heels, and my ethereal eyes unfocused behind my new retinas, before clarifying.

I took my first breath, and drummed my first heartbeat.

There was no pain, as the first vine had taken it all, and I only stared in fascination as I was invaded. Diamond’s body had been a wonder to occupy, and her mind, even more so. Then I connected eyes with Brandon, and all the melancholy left me.She had strawberry-blonde hair and freckled pale skin, but both were a bioluminescent blue in the ethereal light. He reached behind me, and carefully touched his fingers to the nape of my neck.I felt a pleasant pressure there, then an odd invasion. I apologize in advance for the pacing; some parts of this chapter are going to read like an encyclopedia, and there was no getting around that.Thanks to all who have read and liked this series, and special thanks to those who've left words of encouragement! There was only his consuming lips and tasting tongue, his pressing chest and rubbing crotch, his exploring hands and squeezing fingers.

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