Apple stock backdating scandal

He was worth 0 million by 25, made the cover of magazine at 26, and was thrown out of the company at age 30, in 1985.What he’s accomplished in the past decade has not just restored Jobs to the Silicon Valley pantheon but elevated him to the status of superstar.

When trading resumed a day after the announcement, Apple shares fell just 2.4%.When Jobs returned in 1997 to Apple—then facing its own near-death experience—he arrived with a tarnished legend.He was, of course, the charismatic boy wonder who at age 21 had co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in his parents’ garage back in 1976.The revelation of his brush with death remained—like everything involving Jobs and Apple—a tightly controlled affair.In fact, nary a word got out until Jobs’ tumor had been removed.

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