Andrew walker dating

Ideally, he believes that the restaurant should be self-sufficient and provide the freshest and best food to his customers who are kind of like extended family to him.

When Mina (Taylor Cole) comes into town, she kind of blindsides him.

The role reminded me of Bill the Butcher (as played by Daniel Day-Lewis) in the movie Gangs of New York –a ladies man, smarmy, suave. I really enjoy playing the types of roles you might see someone like Bruce Willis playing–a hero with baggage.

A long-time fan favorite in films such as A Bride For Christmas, Bridal Wave and Wedding Planner Mystery (to name just a few), he invariably gives performances that are solid and relatable while still being unpretentious and charming.

I had the supreme joy of speaking with this phenomenally captivating actor, and he graciously answered questions about his upcoming film Appetite For Love, as well as compelling queries concerning Hallmark favorites and additional prospective works..

A HUNGER FOR ACTING What inspired you to become an actor?

MEMORIES OF DESSERT You have made two films with Arielle Kebbel–would you work with her again if you could? Arielle and I are really good friends off screen and while I wonder if it might seem strange to marry the same girl for the third time in a film, she was easy to work with.

Would you come back to “When Calls the Heart” if given the chance? Billy Hamilton was such a fun role–one of my favorite characters to develop.

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