Ajax dating script

If your first experience with Ajax was anything like mine, however, you probably did too much work — hand-rolling your functions and struggling through the process of creating an Ajax-driven page. It's something that the "cool kids" and "bad boys" of Web development/interactivity do, and they've never had the time, patience, or skill to take it on.

It's a shame, too, because a lot of clients really like adding Ajax-style functionality — it makes Web applications easier to work with.

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The and that's what powers all the behavior you get.You'll build a simple Web application with PHP and My SQL — a phone book containing names and phone numbers.The application has all the standard things you'd expect — a way to search for names or phone numbers, a My SQL table, etc.You click a link or a form's Submit button, and the request is sent to the server, which then processes that request and sends back a response.The best way to sum up this model is "click, wait, view." It's a never-ending rinse-and-repeat cycle that you know all too well.

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