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WR Anthony Gonzalez breaks thumb on first play from scrimmage after catching 13-yard pass against Asante Samuel. Feeley, throws 3 INTs to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

If DE Dwight Freeney was not injured against San Diego, I would say the Colts are a lock to beat the Patriots in a rematch. Think the stellar Patriots secondary caused those turnovers? Feeley throws four picks the following week at home against the Seahawks.

While people should have left this game at: “Anthony Smith should not have spoken out, as it appeared to cost his team and affect his performance, while New England came out very passionate and won the game.” Instead, everyone is talking today about how it was a blowout and New England is once again invincible after a 34-13 home win. Let me remind the NFL world of some very simple facts: (1) This game is merely an ugly, busted “gadget play” against two backup safeties and a goal-line stand by the Patriots defense from being a 27-20 dogfight.

The fact that people have the audacity to call this game a blowout and a statement win by the Patriots is simply incredible.

In addition, the Steelers have a long record of success against Belichick and will have an extra day of rest and preparation before heading up to Gillette Stadium. Today’s game marked the second straight week that the Eagles were not able to take advantage of a team that completely overlooked them and their poser QB.

The Seahawks improve to 8-4 and have taken full control of the NFC West division.

Safety Troy Polamalu, the Steelers version of Bob Sanders, was out with a knee injury.

WR Santonio Holmes, the Steelers leading receiver, may have played, but it was obvious to anybody with two corneas that he was significantly limited. Patriots versus Cowboys: No CB Anthony Henry, DT Tank Johnson or WR Terry Glenn.

Pittsburgh gets beat deep on two long TD passes and struggle in the passing game. (3) Considering Pittsburgh injuries and despite awful play-calling in the second half from the Pittsburgh sideline, the Steelers still racked up 349 yards of offense at 5.2 yards-per-play against the Patriots.

Team President Joe Banner has come out and said that Donovan Mc Nabb will be back with the Birds in 2008, which must be terrible news to the former Syracuse standout as well as many other folks who would like to see Mc Nabb head to a team with better talent that needs a QB, such as Chicago or Minnesota. Then the officials took over and won the game for Tom Brady and company.

Can you imagine how good the Vikings would be if they gave up a 2nd round pick for Mc Nabb and then signed a star-caliber wide receiver for him to throw to. With everything that went wrong for the Ravens, the game ended with Baltimore a mere two yards from winning the game for the third time.

Had the Redskins not collapsed against the Buffalo Bills (6-6) in Week 14, or the Giants earlier this season, they would actually be the #6 seed in the NFC if the season ended today. The Baltimore Ravens (4-8) had defeated the New England Patriots (12-0), twice.

This will be a big test for Andy Reid and the Eagles, who are coming off two superb efforts that ended in defeat, and they are going to have to prove early that they have not given up on the season. Unfortunately for mankind, Bill Belichick and the Patriots were saved by an unnecessary timeout called from the Ravens’ sideline and a false start by New England.

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