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At the time of the ceremony, the person solemnizing the marriage shall complete the certification on the original marriage certificate.

The person solemnizing the marriage and the two attending witnesses shall sign the original marriage certificate and the necessary copies.

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Procedures vary by judicial district; there is no online application form. There is a fee for processing a marriage commissioner appointment application. The marriage commissioner is responsible for ensuring that the marriage is performed in compliance with the law and that the marriage certificate is filed with the Health Analytics & Vital Records Section. The marriage should not be performed until the marriage commissioner has a copy of the written order (1) by a minister, priest, or rabbi of any church or congregation in the state, or by a commissioned officer of the Salvation Army, or by the principal officer or elder of recognized churches or congregations that traditionally do not have regular ministers, priests, or rabbis, anywhere within the state; (2) by a marriage commissioner or judicial officer of the state anywhere within the jurisdiction of the commissioner or officer; or (3) before or in any religious organization or congregation according to the established ritual or form commonly practiced in the organization or congregation. The presiding judge shall describe the marriage commissioner's area of jurisdiction in the order of appointment.(b) This section may not be construed to waive the requirements for obtaining a marriage license. A marriage commissioner may, within that jurisdiction, solemnize marriages in the same manner as a district judge or magistrate judge and may exercise any power, other than the power to issue marriage licenses, necessarily incident to the duties of a marriage commissioner.The clerk of court shall issue to the marriage commissioner a certified copy of the order of appointment and send a copy of it to the bureau.The online court system directory has a complete listing of court locations and contact information.You may also contact the office which handles requests for marriage commissioner appointments in the judicial district of the court nearest to where the wedding will be performed.

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