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The driver continued to watch until police stopped him about a block away. Cloud police and fire departments responded and saw smoke was coming out of the building.When Mann was stopped by police, he had a black lighter in his right hand and smelled strongly of gasoline.Two witnesses identified Mann as carrying a gas can into Pure Pleasure, according to the attorney's office.One also says he saw Mann pour gas on magazines, lighting a fire.The employee told Mann he couldn't have the gas can in the store and asked him what he was doing.The employee reported Mann as saying "I'm going to burn this place down.

The apartment manager also reported a burning smell from the apartment to law enforcement.The charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years and up to ,000 fine. Cloud police were alerted to a possible issue at about p.m., when a man called emergency services to report he had just given a ride to a man carrying a 5-gallon, plastic gas can. Mann asked to be taken to the Pure Pleasure bookstore.When the driver pulled into the parking lot, he thought Mann was the owner of one of the vehicles parked there and that he had run out of gas.I'm sick of this store." The employee then watched Mann man pour some gasoline on magazines, starting a fire.The employee said he was afraid for his life and ran out of the store to call emergency services.

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