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Surely, we would Kke to enable them to compare our country with theirs ? There are two sickening ironies in this sorry business. Until we cap replace those philosophies by those which allow more freedom of expression to, aitd place more responsibility for action on. Appeals against lenient sentences Insulating houses From Mr B. The total energy concept must be foremost in designers’ and economists’ minds. Yours faithfully, CASPAR BROOK, Sudan Club, PO Box No 322, Khartoum, Sudan. If these things be so, how can anyone consider it sensible to pre- vent young South Africans (black, white or mixed) from having as wide a contact as possible with peoples of other nations ? I suggest that the situation we face is the inevitable result of a society which for far ton long has tolerated corporate philosophies, whether exemmfffed 1 by 'large in- dustrial organizations both public and private ; or by trade onions ; or bv governments themselves in the support which they give to these bodies and in their encour*- aeement of the increase in both size and numbers of bureacratic Institutions. Holloway Sir, Sir Hug* Ford’s letter (Decem- ber 16} is most timely. ‘Fear if any ueopl* when voting “ Yes ” for the EEC realized such an implication. Sourhrnp Lodge, , , Lechlsde, Gloucestershire- The challenge from developing nations From Mr Caspar Brook Sir, Your issue of December 12 with your article on challenges to living standards in. The United States, with a metric currency, still stick to yards and miles. Lainbreliurst, Kent, f _ Post 'H«i: H: Thorn, "rohsti -‘1 urehnol IV.

I e*mnot believe that it is too late for a general expression of angry protest ro stop this stupidity. more developed coun- tries by the less developed countries bas only just arrived here. have overlooked an import- ant point — perhaps the most im- portant. It seems unreasonable to expea that Britons in the year 2000 will still be as mobile, as warm at home and at work, as overfed and misfed, as expensively equipped with electromechanical and other artifacts and as free to make their own decisions as they are typically □ow. The challenge to the British note (and eventually to the other 1,060 wr fl Tinn K in the other more deve- loped countries) will be increasingly how to cope with dedevelopment — a process to which we have been subject for the past few years in Britain. IMPERIAL SERVICE QRd S HOME CIVIL SERVICE Jiny ui ngn; ». rt^i Tv In frn-s B*osnii, Nne-h nf ftenf Bd- W Orr.

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