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On no evening was the building large enough to accommodate the audience.Of course, papa, I should like to accommodate myself to them as much as I can.Under federal law, employees may not be terminated on the basis of their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability or age.Employers who do so may be subject to civil liability for wrongful termination.With monofocal IOLs, the lens bends the light so that it will form a focus point on the retina of the eye.

As such, the proper lens choice is a matter of personal fit for a patient.An example of an accommodating lens is the Crystalens.When light enters a monofocal lens, it is bent to a focus point.The main advantage offered by Crystalens over a traditional, monofocal lens implant is the opportunity to become less dependent on reading glasses for near activities.Activities that were once easily enjoyed without glasses, such as reading or sewing, now require a pair of reading glasses always be available.

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