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Meanwhile, several authors have ascribed fitness benefits to the genetic rather than behavioral compatibility of freely chosen mate pairs.

They suggested that the best mate for any particular female/male may not be the best mate for another: in the context of immunorelated genes mate preferences may enhance offspring viability by disassortative mating.

Authors have suggested that one reason for the beneficial effects of free choice mating might be that these pairs are more compatible than arranged pairs.

Here, we show that there were no significant relationships between type of marriage and the total number of alive children and number of dead children among the three sampled groups.

The presented study is the first to date to examine the fitness benefits of free mate choice in humans.

In the latter case, both sexes invested less in reproduction (i.e., less positive response to within-pair courtship and thus less frequent copulatory behaviors) and showed poorer coordination in protecting offspring.

Thus, between-mate behavioral compatibility may be evolutionarily significant in birds.

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